Google TV Apps Are Coming!!!

I hope Google gets it right. I’m at work right now and can’t watch any of the YouTube demos so I can only imagine what Google TV is all about from what I’m reading.

I imagine Google TV will expose an API with with developers can overlay text/images/animations on top of the playing video. The API will also allow read/write of metadata associated with the playing video.

What could a developer build with these capabilities?

Well imagine I’m videotaping a scene where some people with Android phones (GPS-enabled) happen to appear in the video. I upload the video and say someone named John is watching it on his Google TV. The video metadata reveals that several people had their Android phones and thus their GPS info was captured. John sees some text bubbles appear over these people. He clicks on any of them to reveal some shareable profile info about each person in the video. He decides to send a text message to one of them, without ever knowing that person’s true phone number. I can see why law enforcement would be very interested in an application like this.

All this is possible because the GPS of the video location and the GPS of the Android phones were in close vicinity at that time and place. Plus all this data is maintained and managed by Google.