About My Technology Needs

I work fulltime as a web developer for a major bank. I am a member of a small team that does all this bank’s online banking programming. On the side, I work on my own personal programming projects. As I program, I come across pieces of functionality I cannot do myself because of resources or because I am not interested in getting myself into that type of technology.

These days there is so much technology out there that it’s really hard for any individual to know what is out there. That is my problem, so I have started this blog. I hope by exposing my needs, someone out there can help me find what I am looking for, if it exists. Otherwise, perhaps some of you will have an interest in some of these needs to go out and develop it yourselves for a possible profit as a solution to others with the same need.

While I have another blog at fidelguajardo.blogspot.com in which I list many technologies of interests to me, I think the wordpress format allows me to get much more feedback from readers. I am therefore choosing to express my needs here, but will nonetheless maintain my other blog as well.

Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to browse through my blog. I hope we can connect on some project together. When I have a technology need, I am so willing to pay for what I need or to work together to profit each other. Good luck to you!


3 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Email me back if you would like to talk about maybe doing something with poshlistings and setting up an escrow service for buyers and sellers. I have been researching escrow.com to see if they have an API if not then I was going to create my own escrow account for PL. Thanks!

  2. As an ex-banker and Independent Consultant – Banking Technology, working on payment related subjects, I would like to keep in touch and exchange notes on your ideas in the context of India where several major payment related initiatives are underway.
    Thanks for the thought provking blog

    Best regards


  3. Hi

    I would like to use WordPress.com to promote my book and associated spin-off products and events [not affiliate marketing – just my own products].

    My Google research suggests that WordPress.com forbids commercial use. I see you are using WordPress.com and wonder if you could help me clarify the situation.

    I would be very grateful for any help.

    many thanks

    Leo Hawkins

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