What If Obopay Cannot Provide An API?

In my previous post Obopay For Businesses I talk about why online merchants need an API to interface with Obopay. In Why Micro-Retailers Need Mobile Payment Systems I also talk about why I believe mobile payment systems are going to flourish on a global scale.

My question now is what if I cannot get the help from Obopay that I seek? Will I turn to another mobile payment system? Well, I am fond of Obopay. I like their website. I have seen a video interview of CEO Carol Realini and she is very likeable. It seems they have a very noble motivation for providing this service, to reach the unbanked and enable them to participate in the global online economy. Whatever reason for not being able to help me, I do not think they willfully want to burst my bubble. They may be too busy or focused on another aspect on which they forecast the most growth.

Anyway, if I stuck with this provider for mobile payments, what could I do to automate the payment process so that I would not need to manually login to Obopay or manually send out text messages? The answer is a GSM modem attached to my server.

A GSM modem uses a SIM card and a real cellular service provider tied to the SIM card. It can function like a normal cellphone but in addition can be automated, since it is hooked up to a server running custom software. In my case I am interested in automating the text messaging to and from Obopay.

So here is the scenario. A buyer sends an Obopay payment to the cellphone number associated with my GSM modem. Obopay sends a notice (in the form of a text message) of the payment to my GSM modem. My GSM modem forwards this information to my custom software for recording and order fulfillment.

When a buyer receives the goods, the buyer notifies my system to release the funds to the seller. My custom software then uses the GSM modem to send an Obopay pament (in the form of a text message) to the seller. This completes the loop from buyer to seller.

Now my problem is finding the right GSM modem and getting someone to program the custom software. The other problem I might face is ascertaining Obopay will allow this commercial use of their system. I am confident they would because I would be promoting the use of their system. I would publicly promote Obopay on my website as a way to build user trust in my preferred payment system.


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  1. Hi, this is Bala from Gradatim. We use Obopay to automate lot of micro-payments in India. If you need any help let me know.


    • Hi Bala,

      My name is Jitin from India. Can you give me more information on automation of micropayments using Obopay. Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in Advance,
      Jitin Pillai

  2. Yes, Bala, any info you can provide would greatly help me. It is good to know that Obopay can be automated to act as a payment gateway on an e-commerce site.

  3. http://www.cardlesspay.com This web site specializes in mobile payments and connectivity is enabled of for most of the US carriers.
    I can provide the API document to integrate to this payment gateway if any one is interested

  4. Hello

    Mr Guajardo

    I have what your looking for

    Can you please foward this information to

    Ms. Carol Realini, CEO of Obopay inc and CEO Mr. Kazi Islam

    I Design, Develop and Introduce ADM (Automatic Deposit Machine)
    Software to all Financial Institution World Wide.

    International Remittances Service from the USA to any country.

    The market is big, but also the investment on new infraestructure that
    Financial Intitutions do not want to invest and change from what they
    all ready have and use.

    ADM Software is design with comunication via cellphone to reach all
    rural population, and also is design to be use in any Cellphone.

    ADM ( Mobile Bank ) Software can be use in any cellphone, imigrants
    and any customer can make direct deposits anytime from anywhere to any
    beneficiary bank acccount world wide.

    ADM ( Mobile Bank ) Software is design and develop exclusive for all
    Financial Institutions.

    ADM ( Mobile Bank ) Software has all Financial and Goverment
    Intitutions in the world listed.

    International Remittances Service via cellphone from the USA to any country.

    ADM Software can interface with any Financial Intitution with out
    having to change any infraestructure.

    ADM Software offer its service through banks. Users there must have a
    bank account before they can send cash, though recipients can be
    customers of any bank

    Imigrants in the United States and Beneficiareis in rural areas in
    very familiar with new cellphones technology, imigrants in the United
    States and Beneficiaries in MEXICO, INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTH
    AFRICA etc. are ready to send and recieve money transfer via cellphone

    International Remittances via cellphone and Debit Mobile can be great
    oportunity to reach and banked all rural population.

    Imigrants can send money to thier families via cellphone and
    Beneficiaries can BUY and PAY anything with thier Debit Mobile, no
    worry about any cash, any time they need to pay or buy, they go into
    their Mobile Bank and ask for the Debit Mobile, when they finish
    paying or buying, they close the window and all personal information
    will go back to Bank Data Base, no information is recorded in the
    cellphone memory.

    I like to send a presentaion to Ms. Carol Realini, CEO of Obopay inc
    and CEO Mr. Kazi Islam

    Best Regards


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